We are specialists in the design and assessment of buildings and structures considering dynamic loads and by using current state-of-the-art (modelling and analysis) procedures including performance-based design or advanced mitigation solutions. We have developed an expertise on international earthquake code provisions, as well as an excellent record on existing worldwide building typologies.

Our portfolio of engineering services includes:

  • Complete engineering design services with detailed technical information: technical projects design development and review, supervision of design calculations, audit and technical assistance in construction projects. Design solutions are developed considering performance objectives with respect to various code design levels. Engineering design services can be extended to include cost/benefit analyses.
  • Comprehensive evaluation of structural vulnerability for a wide range of buildings and structural typologies. The vulnerability and performance assessment services can be extended to include estimation of Probable Maximum Losses (PML), i.e., the assessment of financial losses due to expected building damage and business interruption connected to various earthquake scenarios.
  • Planning and developing holistic solutions and recommendations of detailed retrofitting, rehabilitation and strengthening measures in order to reduce the various vulnerabilities (i.e., structural, non-structural and operational), hence contributing to the building’s safety level.
  • Evaluation of site conditions: assessment of soil and topographical amplification susceptibility, and evaluation of the probability for the occurrence of direct site effects such as liquefaction.
  • Technical in-situ supervision and inspection of more sophisticated construction and retrofit techniques in order to ensure comprehensive diagnosis and proper implementation of the construction processes, as well as retrofitting and strengthening measures.
  • Seismic instrumentation and monitoring of critical buildings and infrastructures: Structural instrumentation and seismic monitoring of critical and essential structures and infrastructures is a proactive solution that would lead to improve computer modelling and enable damage detection for post‐event condition assessment. Structural instrumentation and seismic/vibration monitoring helps engineers to accurately understand the behavior of structural and non-structural components and predict the actual seismic performance of structure.