This includes the selection and customization of monitoring instruments, the conceptualization of a proper monitoring plan, supporting software development as well as handling, transmission and analysis of recorded data.

NORSAR’s core competence is on monitoring earthquakes, induced seismicity and nuclear/non-nuclear explosions. This expertise can further be applied for many industry-related applications such as:

  • Site response estimation studies (geotechnical applications)
    • Evaluation of subsurface conditions (soil stratigraphy, depth to bedrock)
    • Site classification following international seismic design codes
    • Estimation of site amplification potential as well as topographic amplification
  • Dynamic system identification (civil engineering applications)
    • Accurate dynamic system identification for calibrating the structural models
    • Instrumental identification of eigenmodes
  • Vibration monitoring of (free-field) sites, buildings or infrastructure facilities (e.g. tunnels, railroads)
    • Development of customized solutions for seismic monitoring and data analysis
    • Short- and long-term vibration monitoring of various impacts (earthquake, explosions, wind, etc)
    • Identification of the actual performance of structure
    • Damage detection for post‐event condition assessment

NORSAR is working together with a variety of instrument manufacturers in many parts of the world.