Seismic survey evaluation and analysis

Do you observe varying quality and possible artefacts in the seismic data – are they due to survey and overburden?

Do you have sufficient fold at target to obtain the required signal/noise ratio?

Do you have sufficient coverage of incidence angles for reliable AVO analysis, AVO-inversion and FWI?

How should you design a survey to obtain best trade-off between seismic data quality and cost?

Coverage Maps

Seismic reservoir analysis

Are the geological interpretations and the geological model consistent with your seismic data?

What attributes should you look for in the seismic data to best characterize the reservoir geology?

Are production effects strong enough to be observed in the seismic data, and what attributes should you look for?

Illumination and resolution modelling

  • Investigate seismic illumination and resolution at target
  • Use heterogeneous and anisotropic 3D models
  • Use any survey configuration
  • Test feasibility for seismic imaging

Seismic rock physics

  • Physical link between geology, geophysical properties and seismic response
  • Analyze and predict geophysical logs
  • Overburden-consistent AVOZ response

Kirchhoff Modelling

  • Velocity sensitivity study
  • Imaging capability analysis

Seismic reservoir and production response

  • Characterize seismic reservoir properties
  • Mapping of seismic response to production
  • Feasibility studies