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Petroleum Geo-Services

PGS distributes NORSAR-2D and NORSAR-3D as an integrated part of its NUCLEUS package.

NUCLEUS is an advanced survey design, seismic modelling and analysis package. All modern acquisition technologies can be defined for analysis including marine multisource, multi-streamer surveys, dual sensor and multi-component seafloor surveys, vertical cable geometries onshore and offshore and surveys based on recorded navigation data. Realistic weather and seismic interference noise can be simulated and incorporated into synthetic data, creating very accurate analyses. Integrated modelling, processing and analysis sequences allow fast and flexible survey planning tests which examine the effects of seismic acquisition and processing.

  • Fully integrated system of state-of the art seismic modelling tools.
  • Realistic survey definitions for modern seismic acquisition techniques.
  • Unique combination of seismic modelling with marine source modelling allows inclusion of source and receiver directivity effects.
  • Reliable and efficient prediction of data quality using target oriented modelling and automated processing sequences.
  • Rapid integration of latest results from seismic research.

The key values added to NORSAR-3D through the integration with NUCLEUS are:

  • Seismogram generation with full source-receiver directivity through integration with the industry standard marine source modelling software. 
  • Simple, realistic and flexible acquisition geometry definition with the NUCLEUS survey/vessel concept.

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Apex is NORSAR Innovation's representative in People's Republic of China.

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