• A magnitude 8.1 earthquake hits Mexico and Guatemala

    The seismological observatory NORSAR at Kjeller, Norway, detected waveforms of the strong earthquake which hit off the coast of southern Mexico at 23:49:21 local time (4:49:21 UTC) during the night from Thursday to Friday.

  • NORSAR and Wavetrain Systems AS suspects patent infringement by Next Generation Rail Technologies S.L.

    Stiftelsen NORSAR ("NORSAR") and Wavetrain Systems AS ("Wavetrain") have reason to believe that the Spanish company Next Generation Rail Technologies S.L. ("NGRT"), founded by the former Wavetrain-employee Mr. Richard Aarøe, is infringing NORSAR and Wavetrain's rights in and to a patented method and related trade secrets used, amongst others, for train detection and broken rail detection. NORSAR and Wavetrain have repeatedly approached Mr. Aarøe and NGRT addressing the infringing activities; however, Aarøe, and NGRT have not been willing to respond. NORSAR and Wavetrain will continue to protect their rights and will initiate legal measures against NGRT, Mr. Aarøe and possibly other employees of NGRT, if necessary.

  • Earthquake in Italy

    On August 24, 2016, NORSAR’s seismic stations on Svalbard, Jan Mayen, and on mainland Norway recorded from 01:40 GMT (03:40 Norwegian time) strong signals released by an earthquake in Central Italy. The first waves arrived approximately 3.5 minutes later at the NORSAR stations on mainland Norway.

  • 20 år i fredens tjeneste

    21. juni markerer NORSAR -­ i samarbeid med Utenriksdepartementet- at det er 20 år siden Prøvestansavtalen ble ferdig fremforhandlet. Men det er med blandede følelser markeringen finner sted.

  • Opening of infrasound station in Bardufoss

    On Wednesday, State Secretary Bård Glad Pedersen opened NORSAR’s infrasound station in Bardufoss. The station is Norway’s final contribution to the global network of stations which monitor nuclear tests.

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