This multidisciplinary character is visible in almost all of our projects whether they focus on Norway, Scandinavia (Fennoscandia) or earthquake-affected regions worldwide.

Some examples of recent and ongoing projects and core activities related to the fields of seismotectonics, seismology or earthquake engineering are:

  • Seismicity and seismotectonics studies
  • Improved crustal models and data processing for the Norwegian National Seismic Network (NNSN)
  • Field campaigns using the Norwegian pool of 30 mobile seismic broadband stations
  • Cryoseismology – Icequakes and monitoring of glacial movements
  • Building and infrastructure monitoring
  • Real-time Earthquake Loss Estimation
  • Capacity building, training and education

NORSAR’s experts further disseminate information on recent seismic events through the website and through NORSAR’s in-house earthquake information service phone. Both services serve the Norwegian public in providing information in near-real-time on seismic events that have occurred. The website also allows the user to search for seismic events in the past or to access the seismic bulletins since the year 1979.

Today, NORSAR is among the world’s largest seismological observatories, operating seismological stations and arrays on mainland Norway, Spitsbergen and Jan Mayen as well as in Antarctica.