Seisimic modeling

NORSAR is among the world’s leading providers of seismic modeling software. Our software is used to solve a wide range of tasks, including seismic surveying, evaluation and planning, seismic modeling and simulation, and the generation of synthetic seismic data. For instance, it can enhance seismic data acquisition, processing, and analysis, leading to better subsurface imaging and helping to reduce risks and costs associated with oil exploration.
Seismic modeling is an especially important tool in the acquisition and processing of seismic data, which is why we continuously work on developing our seismic modeling techniques. NORSAR’s modeling technology, such as our seismic ray-tracing modeling, is the most advanced in the market. It is widely used in the oil and gas industry for planning seismic surveys and analyzing seismic data. All of the major oil companies are among our clients.


 NORSAR is among the world’s leading centers of expertise for microseismic assessments and software solutions. We detect, locate, and interpret microseismic events in oil and gas production, water injections, large-scale CO2 injections, and underground gas storage. Through this monitoring of seismic effects, we have developed unique expertise. Microseismic monitoring reduces operational risk and contributes to enhancing the extraction of oil reserves in a secure way. This monitoring technology is also crucial for securing the safe storage of underground nuclear waste, mining, and the utilization of geothermal energy. We are constantly working to improve the technology. As the foremost center of expertise in the field, we are involved in industry and research projects, including through the Norwegian Research Council and the CLIMIT funding programme.