This is a bugfix and stability improvement release.

It fixes the following issues in NORSAR-3D:

  • Crash in Trimesh import (Gocad Format)
  • Bug in 2nd derivative plots for NORSAR-3D models and property cubes
  • Plotting large NORSAR-3D models caused delays when plotting/unplotting other smaller objects
  • Grid layer cake model builder: Bug when using velocity gradients in the lowermost layer
  • Grid layer cake model builder: wrong gradient units
  • Inconsistency in mouse rotation in the viewer
  • Maximized polar plots popping up
  • Turning off Active shot in survey plot options caused a void in the survey display where we can expect a shot displayed as other shots.
  • Add option to select rotation direction in viewer when rotating with mouse movement
  • Time-depth conversion on surfaces in object list
  • Tracing jobs crashed randomly when shot similarity was on
  • Some tracing jobs hanged for a long time when shot similarity was on
  • Bug in Kirchhoff Prestack Generator when copying a workflow and then run. Green's Function Generation bug
  • Bug in Kirchhoff Target Migration when Green's Function steps differed between horizontal and vertical directions. Could not reuse its own Green's Function
  • Using an imported SPS survey in Illumination Map workflows failed
  • Error in illumination map color mapping when scaler is negative
  • Kirchhoff prestack and target migration did not limit selection to isotropic models
  • NORSAR-3D classic modules (under Tools menu) won't start on some Linux systems