This is a bugfix release which addresses the following issues:

N3D Event Attribute Extractor
  • Minor GUI issue with menu items listed multiple times
Illumination Map and Simulated Migration Amplitudes workflows
  • Problems with job subdivision when running a large Inline/Crossline survey generated in classic NORSAR-3D
Interactive wavefront tracer workflow 
  • Time steps in storing of wavefronts were wrong if other than default time sampling 
Grid Layer cake Model builder
  • Check for conformal grids sometimes failed, causing initially conformal grids to be refused 
Workflows using wavefront tracer
  • Surveys named with prefix "z_" were treated as internal auto generated surveys, and deleted when settings were changed 
Seismogram Generator Workflow
  • Removed hard limit of 10001 samples per trace
General model builder
  • Added an option when assigning interfaces to blocks, to just add the selected interfaces to the block instead of replacing
  • Fixed bug with missing information in block-interface relation table