The Seismic Modelling department is a world leading provider of seismic modelling software and consultancy services to enhance the value of seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation allowing better subsurface imaging of petroleum reservoirs.

- Our software products contribute to efficient exploration and production. With NORSAR-3D complex geometries can be built and ray traced in an efficient manner using our wavefront construction technique, invented and developed at NORSAR. SeisRoX uses our patented method to model the PSDM response on a detailed reservoir scale, says Deputy Managing Director Arve E. Mjelva.

The NORSAR software products are used by the leading E&P companies throughout the world and are wildly used at universities for research and education.

- Recently we have extended our software solutions with an application for evaluation and design of microseismic network layouts. This is based on NORSARs competence in analyze and interpretation of microseismicity, both natural and induced/triggered by human activity, says Mr. Mjelva.

Arve E. Mjelva has an MSc in computer science from the University in Bergen, Norway.