Dominik Lang is both an earthquake engineer and an engineering seismologist.

- Our department applies its expertise within seismology and engineering to contribute to a safer society and to reducing earthquake vulnerability and risk globally. We conduct research and consultancy projects worldwide, develop software tools and innovative solutions for various industrial and research applications, says Dr. Dominik Lang, Head of Department Earthquake Hazard and Risk.

The Department is also committed to training young professionals and educating the public.

- Within our worldwide projects, we regularly organize training courses and workshops for professional engineers and architects as well as faculty members or students. This always happens in close collaboration with local authorities and institutions. With respect to topics, we may cover how to apply international seismic code provisions to advanced state-of-the-art structural analysis methods, says Dr. Lang.

For more than 20 years, NORSAR has provided seismological and engineering expertise both domestically and internationally. This involves studies on seismic hazard and risk assessment in almost all parts of the world with focus areas such as Central America, the Caribbean, Central Asia, Pakistan, and India.

The department is further responsible for the seismic monitoring of unstable rock slopes, a cross-collaborative initiative which involves personnel from other departments. The department is also part of a Horizon2020 research project, where the main target is to develop a risk methodology considering the seismic site effect of liquefaction.

Dominik Lang received his engineering degree (Dipl.-ing.) and PhD (Dr.-Ing.) from Bauhaus-University Weimar (Germany) in 1998 and 2004 respectively. He further holds a doctorate (Dr.philos.) from the University of Bergen.