Dr. Michael Roth is leader of the NORSAR monitoring group and manager of the National Data Centre (NDC) of Norway for issues related to the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).

The main tasks of the group are the operation and maintenance of 6 IMS stations (seismic, radionuclide and infrasound technologies) on Norwegian territory, the timely data transmission to the International Data Centre (IDC) in Vienna, and automatic and reviewed analysis of events of interest.

The entire NORSAR station network consists of more than 100 permanent deployed sensors and a robust communication network of satellite, cell-network, radio and internet links, with mutual backup capabilities.

The continuous real-time data and the more than 40 years of archived data are building the base of NORSAR's monitoring capabilities and the research activities in the field of seismology and infrasound.

- All NORSAR data are open and are being made available to the global research community, says Dr. Michael Roth, NDC Manager.

Dr Michael Roth received his PhD in geophysics 1996 at the University of Frankfurt/Main, Germany and his background is in seismology, numerical modelling, automatic data processing and field instrumentation.