Microseismic events are small ground disturbances which are often caused by anthropogenic activities which alter the pressure and stress in the bedrock. This happens for example in mines, in water reservoirs, in hydrocarbon extraction, in hydraulic fracturing, in operations associated with deep geothermal energy, and in the geological storage of CO2.

- The monitoring involves the deployment of small sensors in, for example, mines or oil wells. With NORSAR’s software, we can monitor changes in pressure, locate micro-earthquakes, and study the relationships between these. By understanding what causes micro-earthquakes and how the behave, we can contribute to a safer society, says Dr. Volker Oye, Head of Department Microseismic Monitoring.

Volker Oye is also leader for Geomechanics at the Center for Geologic Storage of CO2, Illinois, which is financed by the US Department of Energy. He took his Diplom in Geophysics at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, and wrote his doctoral thesis on «Observation and Analysis of Microearthquakes» at the University of Oslo and NORSAR in 2004.