This document is NORSAR's Gender Equality Plan (GEP). The document has been approved by the CEO, Anne Strømmen Lycke.

The plan contains our goals and ambitions for equality and gender balance and the measures we will implement to realize them.

NORSAR values ​​Horizon Europe's work to strengthen the gender balance in research. NORSAR's vision is to create a safer world through outstanding research on the earth's vibrations. In order for the employees to be able to work together towards this vision, it is essential that the company recruits human capital from the best and broadest knowledge base.

Everyone who works at NORSAR has equal opportunities regardless of gender and other diversity dimensions such as ethnicity, religion, age, functional ability, sexual orientation, political position and cultural background. We believe that an inclusive work environment is a competitive advantage and success criterion for recruitment, well-being and outstanding results.

Today's situation

Since its inception in 1968, NORSAR has developed in step with society, and we have actively worked to recruit more women. Since NORSAR's establishment, the proportion of women has increased in a number of educations that are relevant to our work. This has gradually provided a recruitment base that has given us the opportunity to work for a more equal gender distribution. There is a trend that the proportion of women is greatest in the youngest age groups and decreases with increasing age. We have had a female CEO since 2014.


Horizon Europe is the EU's central funding program for research and innovation. From 2022, Horizon Europe requires that all research institutions have an action plan for equality and gender balance (Gender Equality Plan) in order to be able to apply for research funding from the EU.

How NORSAR meets these requirements is described in the action plan below.

What NORSAR does to ensure inclusion and equal opportunities

We at NORSAR believe that equal opportunities in the hiring process are the best prerequisite for equal opportunities in the workplace. When a diversity of candidates is secured, the selection process shall be characterized by inclusion, so that the person being recruited is best suited on the basis of qualifications and personal characteristics.


NORSAR has long-term and systematic ambitions to strengthen the gender balance among our employees. The recruitment basis for NORSAR is still skewed as there are still more men than women who choose fields of education relevant to NORSAR. This means that we believe a gender balance at the 40/60 level is correct based on our assumptions.

Based on the current situation, we have developed the level of ambition within seven job categories. In each job category in the table below, we have described which goals for gender balance we believe are achievable in five and ten years. The development of the categories has taken the current situation into account, and may therefore prove necessary to adjust along the way. Category Engineer is an exception, where we demand more long-term ambitions and goals to achieve gender balance.

Ambitions for gender balance


2022 (today)

2027 (5 year)

2032 (10 year)

Gender balance total




Category Researcher I




Category Researcher II




Category Researcher III




Category Engineer




Category Technical personnel




Category Other personnel




Line management




How NORSAR meets Horizon's requirements


In Norway, all organizations, including NORSAR, are required to promote gender equality by actively working to prevent discrimination on the basis of gender, ethnicity, religion, belief, disability, sexual orientation, age and other significant factors in a person. (Ref. The Gender Equality and Discrimination Act). The action plan for gender equality is established in connection with the follow-up of these obligations.

NORSAR's action plan for gender equality is available at all times on our public websites. The document has been approved by the CEO and in line with our values. The action plan is available in Norwegian and English to ensure transparency.

Responsibilities and resources

NORSAR's CEO has the overall responsibility for ensuring that the requirement for equal opportunities is met. The daily responsibility for maintaining and developing the work is assigned to the HR manager who is responsible for operational activities in connection with this.

It is the management's responsibility to implement measures to ensure equal opportunities and gender balance. Nevertheless, everyone has a common responsibility to contribute to the implementation and ensure a good working environment that does not discriminate, and which provides equal treatment.

The action plan for gender equality has been added to the HR manager's responsibilities, who will be responsible for annual updating and mapping of the gender balance in all job categories and follow up that the development goes in the desired direction.