Since its origin in 1968 NORSAR has contributed to a safer world through its research and development activities related to nuclear test ban monitoring. Scientists from NORSAR participated in the negotiations on the verification regime for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT), which was adopted by the UN and opened for signature in 1996. In 1999, Norwegian authorities designated NORSAR as Norway’s National Data Centre for technical CTBT matters. In this capacity, NORSAR advises Norwegian authorities on matters related to compliance with the CTBT and operates six international monitoring stations of the CTBT Organization on Norwegian territory.

NORSAR is further committed in assessing the risks related to natural and man-made hazards. In this respect, our unique expertise in earthquake-related disciplines which has been collected in numerous research and development projects during the past 40 years, is applied for various ways to serve the benefit of the society. Our earthquake-related core competences stretch from basic seismotectonics and seismology, seismic monitoring and data analysis, and seismic hazard assessment, to the more engineering-dominated topics of seismic damage and loss assessment as well as earthquake engineering. These various competences are applied for a wide range of research and development projects both in Norway and internationally, often with a focus on earthquake-affected regions of the developing world.