Surface geophones | Broadband seismometer | Borehole geophones

Åknes is a rockslope that is monitored by NVE. As part of the monitoring system, NORSAR installed a permanent microseismic monitoring network in autumn 2005 around the top scarp at Åknes and has been operating the system continuously since then. In 2009, a broadband seismometer was also installed in a more stable part of the slope. Lastly, in 2017, a string of eight geophones was installed in a borehole down to 50 m depth, just above one of the sliding planes. The seismic system is considered complementary to the direct measuring systems operated by NVE (e.g. extensometers, laser ranging, inclinometers, piezometers, etc.).

The figures below show the latest event detected at the surface geophone network as well as the vertical component seismogram of the day recorded by the broadband station.