Project details

Status: Ongoing  

Project period: 2020 - 2024 

Funding source: Research Council of Norway, IKTPLUSS (Project no. 311596) 

Project manager: Volker Oye, NORSAR  

Partners: Oslo municipality, University of Oslo, Norway’s national geological survey (NGU) 

The GEObyIT project aims to develop and implement an autonomous, intelligent system for real-time monitoring and multi-risk assessment in urban areas. In Work package 1 we use vibrations (seismic waves) to help to quickly locate incidents and other urban events, ready to be integrated into the existing alertness plan of the city. For this purpose, a network of seismic measuring stations in target areas affected by construction work related to the new water supply system in Oslo has been deployed. The project also uses satellite images (remote sensing) to identify and classify potentially hazardous features on the Earth’s surface (Work package 2). This can be, for example, an old geological structure that can become active again.  

While the employed data sets are different in nature, the proposed automatic processing pipelines will use common methods based on Machine Learning (ML), the only way to process such large volumes of data quickly. Activities related to both work packages include seismic risk assessment for Oslo using for example ML tools for building classification and passive seismic measurements for sub-surface characterization, including monitoring of temporal changes. 

The final product of GEObyIT will be urban real-time alert and risk assessment tools (Work package 3). This includes seismic hazard and risk maps for predictive and operational purposes, as well as a webpage with real-time event location maps. These tools will have a broad societal impact, improving emergency responses and helping city authorities handle accidents and crimes more efficiently. 

The project is done in collaboration with two departments of the Oslo municipality, the Emergency Department and the Water and Sewage Department.

Read more about the GEObyIT project here.