NORSAR is a world leader in the development of seismic modeling and microseismic monitoring software solutions. NORSAR has developed a number of unique software products. The core products are seismic modeling packages. These include 2D and 3D seismic ray modeling (Open Ray Model), seismic acquisition and processing optimization, PSDM simulation (SimPLI approach), reservoir analysis and time-to-depth conversion based on ray tracing technology.

NORSAR has developed a generic technology for analyzing and interpreting microseismicity. As a result of this expertise, we have developed a set of microseismic software tools. In addition, we develop software tools for various methods to model and analyze earthquakes.

NORSAR's software products are used by leading oil companies around the world. The products are supported by experienced sales, service and support teams from our head office in Norway and through a global network of representatives.

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