NORSAR has completed more than 200 seismic risk projects worldwide. These include  projects for nuclear and hydroelectric power plants, dams, tunnels, waste facilities, offshore platforms and petrochemical plants. We have designed, installed and operated seismic monitoring networks, with associated assessment of earthquake hazard, known as seismic hazard analysis.

Seismic hazard analysis tells us how powerful future earthquakes can be and how much damage they may cause. Such analyses form an important foundation in a construction project's design phase. NORSAR uses advanced software tools to perform these analyses . We carry out this work all across the world and always in accordance with national and international standards.

NORSAR seismiske risikoanalyser 1975 til 2019

Locations where NORSAR has conducted seismic risk analyses since 1975.

Seismic risk analysis can be performed for a single site, a larger area or an entire geographic region. The level of detail normally depends on the size of the site to be evaluated, the type of construction, data availability and specific conditions at the site.