Fossil fuels dominate the world’s energy sector. To combat climate change, we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition away from fossil fuels to renewable and sustainable energy. NORSAR is developing effective solutions for safe CO2 storage and utilization of geothermal energy.

CO2 storage

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is an important tool for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and meeting the objectives of the Paris Agreement. NORSAR is developing effective and safe methods for montoring CO2 storage using microseismic technologies and geological monitoring. Our research has contributed to solutions that make storage safer, and our expertise is demonstrated through participation in international projects such as In Salah (Algeria), Decatur (Illinois, US), and Quest (Alberta, Canada).
In Norway, NORSAR is a central partner in the HNET project, and has developed a system for real-time monitoring of the Northern Lights storage site outside Hordaland. The site is the first of its kind on the Norwegian continental shelf.
Additionally, NORSAR has been entrusted with the task of leading the EU ACT research and development project ENSURE. In addition to developing and positioning microseismic monitoring as an effective technology for ensuring the sites’ integrity, the project also involves surveying the general public’s opinion on underground CO2 storage.
Our research contributes to solutions that make storage safer. Combining the technology with our experience in test ban verification work allows us to contribute to ensuring trust in the storage solutions. 

Utilization of deep geothermal energy

Deep geothermal energy is a renewable energy source with great potential. In order to contribute to effective and safe utilization of geothermal energy, we develop seismic control systems for the safe construction and operation of geothermal facilities. Energy reservoirs in operation are subjected to vibrations caused by hydraulic fracturing and changes in pressure or temperature. We want to make sure that the extraction of geothermal energy is both safe and profitable, and we are participating in multiple research projects with this objective, such as DEEPEN and VISTA CSD.