doi: 10.21348/b.0001

NORSAR publishes three main types of seismic bulletins:

  • a continously updated automatic list of seismic events in northern Europe based on the GBF method. The bulletin is published appr. one hour behind real-time.
  • a monthly regional reviewed bulletin covering Fennoscandia and surrounding areas.
  • a monthly reviewed bulletin of teleseismic earthquakes and other seismic events.

Previously, these bulletins were published at

NORSAR provides access to these bulletins for academic & research institutions. The bulletins may not be used for commercial purposes.

Bulletins retrieved should always be cited. This includes use by academic or commercial organisations, as well as by individuals.

The product citation:

NORSAR (1971). NORSAR Seismic Bulletins,

The bulletins are available at (requires login).

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