With more than five decades of experience in monitoring nuclear tests, NORSAR has become a leading center of scientific expertise within the field. Now, we are expanding our capacity in political analysis, and thrilled to announce social scientist Kjølv Egeland as the newest addition to our team. 

Kjølv Egeland joined NORSAR as a full-time senior researcher in the fall of 2023. He is a social scientist who specializes in the fields of international security and nuclear disarmament, with extensive research and studies conducted at the University of Oslo, the University of Oxford, and Sciences Po in Paris. Kjølv’s award-winning research has appeared in acknowledged journals such as International Affairs, Contemporary Security Policy, and Security Studies, and his doctoral thesis explores the development of international nuclear disarmament institutions. Complementing NORSAR’s existing technical expertise, this forms a solid basis for multidisciplinary research within the field. 


I’m very excited to be joining the amazing team at NORSAR. I’m looking forward to pursuing interdisciplinary projects at the intersection of nuclear disarmament policy, verification, and international law. I think NORSAR is the perfect place for that. 


The work is already well underway. Earlier this autumn, NORSAR, in consortium with Sciences Po and the Hamburg Institute for Peace Research and Security, was awarded a research grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York. The project will examine the bureaucratic politics of nuclear alliances by investigating the influence of substate actors in the formation of United States and allied nuclear policy, and NORSAR is covering the case of Norway.  


norsar and nuclear monitoring

NORSAR’s core activity is the monitoring of potential nuclear test explosions, having served as the Norwegian national data center for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) since 1999. We advise the Norwegian authorities on matters related to compliance with the treaty and operate six international monitoring stations on Norwegian territory.