Research for a safer Europe
NORSAR is leading the EU project TURNkey, which will help save lives and reduce future economic cost in Europe. Earthquakes are the natural hazard that leads to the most deaths and, after severe storms, contribute to the second most annual economic losses. 

TURNkey is a three-year project that will reduce the gap between theoretical frameworks and practical use and advise stakeholders on damage limitation before, during and after a devastating earthquake. In this way, TURNkey will contribute to reducing earthquake risk and reducing possible, future social and economic losses.

Halfway assessment 
In February, TURNkey participants met with the EU Commission for a halfway review of the project's progress. The overall impression is that the project is going well.

Most milestones set for initial reporting have been reached and deliveries have been delivered on time or with short delays. There have also been some postponements and changes to the work plan due to Covid-19, but the commission acknowledges that it is beyond the project's control and praises the management for good handling. The delays have been related to the installation of seismic sensors. Nevertheless, most sensors are installed and there is still time left for completion before the year is over and the work delivered is described as of high scientific-technological quality.

Annual meeting 
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, it was not possible to conduct a physical meeting of the TURNkey participants and partners. Nevertheless, more than 60 people attended a full day of digital lectures and events on 16 June.

External participants from the Scientific Advisory Board of Japan and the United States participated to learn more about the latest updates. Version 2.0 of the TURNkey platform was presented with a simulated event and the results of a new round of interviews with Stakeholder stakeholders were discussed among all partners. In addition, presentations were made of other similar EU projects such as RISE and SensEQuake.

Following these, a large group of researchers was given an innovative challenge: to present their research in just 90 seconds (with one slide available) to summarize their publication.

See footage from the day:
TURNkey 2nd Consortium Meeting (June 16, 2021): Pitch Session on Earthquake Early Warning: 

TURNkey 2nd Consortium Meeting (June 16, 2021): Pitch Session on Operational Earthquake Forecasting: 

TURNkey 2nd Consortium Meeting (June 16, 2021): Pitch Session on Rapid Response to Earthquake: