There are only a few months left until the end of TURNkey and the demonstration of the TURNkey platform, scheduled for the end of April in Alicante, Spain. Most of the Work Packages (WPs) have been completed and with them all the related activities that have led to the achievement of all the set objectives. 

In the newsletter from January 2022, TURNkey present the results of WP4 (Physical and Systemic Vulnerability Estimation for Rapid Loss Prediction Updating) and WP5 (Decision Support Systems for real-time and near real-time disaster prevention and risk communication), both officially completed in autumn 2021. A final joint WP4&5 meeting was held online last December, facilitated by BRGM (Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières, WP4 Coordinator) and UCL (University College London, WP5 Coordinator), and joined by many consortium members. The event summarized the scientific results achieved in each task and took stock of the work completed since the start of the project.

Achievements in Work Package 4
The main objective of WP4 was the development of a Rapid Earthquake Loss Prediction Model to estimate the losses immediately after an earthquake (i.e., Rapid Response to Earthquakes). To this end, the following successive steps have been completed:

  • Evaluation and development of physical vulnerability models (Task 4.1)
  • Estimation of the functionality losses of Critical Infrastructure Systems following an earthquake (Task 4.2)
  • Application and test of structural health monitoring methods based on information acquired from the sensors (Task 4.3)
  • Collation of online citizen accounts after an earthquake (Task 4.4.1)
  • Procedure for Rapid Earthquake Loss Prediction (Task 4.5)

Achievements in Work Package 5
The main objective of WP5 was the development and testing of Decision Support Systems (DSSs) for real-time (Operational Earthquake Forecasting, OEF; and Earthquake Early Warning, EEW) and near-real-time (Rapid Response to Earthquakes, RRE) disaster prevention, integrating frameworks, methods, models, and datasets from WP3 and WP4. To this end, the following successive steps have been completed:

  • Development of stakeholder performance metrics (Task 5.1)
  • Community resilience and recovery models (Task 5.2)
  • Development of DSSs for OEF and EEW (Task 5.3)
  • Development of a DSS for post-event rapid response, also accounting for aftershocks (Task 5.4)
  • Development of protocols for response, emergency management, and safety communication (Task 5.5) 

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