What did you study – and why did you choose this field?

I have a master’s degree in Applied Geological Sciences from the University of Pavia, Italy. 

I have always been curious and fascinated by the natural sciences since I was a kid. I remember that I had many games related to the topic and I loved to stay in contact to the nature.

When I was in high school and I was studying earth’s science, I started to understand some of these natural processes that amazed me. And by the end of high school, I was certain that I wanted to be a scientist.

So, I had no doubt when I engaged to the geology department to better understand the processes that drive the Earth and build a safer world to help the society.

What do you work with at NORSAR?

I work on seismic hazard and risk. Few months ago, I started the PhD on seismic risk with the University of Oslo and NORSAR. The main objective of my PhD is to perform a seismic risk assessment for the city of Oslo. 

I am really happy to work on this field because it has a direct impact to the society. The purpose of this branch of science is to mitigate the impacts of an earthquake, therefore increasing the safety and quality of life of society.

Do you have any recommendations for women and girls who consider science?

My suggestion is to ask yourself always questions about everything and never stop when you don’t receive an answer or you don’t understand something. Try to investigate and never give up.