What did you study – and why did you choose this field?

During my school time it became pretty obvious that my strength lies in physics and mathematics, so when the time came to decide on what future career I will aim for, I got three potential suggestions: architecture, design or geophysics. After some considerations, I decided to study geophysics.

What do you work with at NORSAR?

I started as a Postdoc heired into an ongoing research project at NORSAR. After one year, I was offered a full position as a researcher in the seismic modelling group. Over my 15 years at NORSAR my work profile changed from only research towards administration and project management combined with technical work in various research projects. In 2020 I became deputy of the Software Solutions group.

Do you have any recommendations for women and girls who consider science?

Well, independent on the sex is entering into science a decision that one should think carefully about. It is important to have confidence in your own skills and willing to discuss, defend and try scientific  ideas, continuously. If one is self-driven and curious, science is the ideal choice.