What did you study – and why did you choose this field?

I studied geology. At high school, I was intrigued by minerals and rocks and fascinated about volcanos. When I started university, I quickly realized that I had an interest for the processes that shaped and continue shaping the landscape. Structural geology was a more mature choice and also relevant since I am from a region in Italy that, like many others, has been affected by destructive earthquakes in the recent past. Through field geology I wanted to find signs of these events and try to understand more. 

What do you work with at NORSAR?

As part of the applied seismology team at NORSAR, I have been working with different international research projects that use seismicity induced by industrial processes, like CO2 storage, to interpret the subsurface. I also work within the risk and hazard team and we collaborate with municipalities to evaluate the potential hazard of earthquakes happening in Norway. 

Do you have any recommendations for women and girls who consider science?

Being a woman should not be an obstacle when entering science, it has not been for me and, in any case, remember that you are not alone! Seek a healthy and safe environment and be supportive to your female colleagues. Obstacles on your path might come, but a strong drive and the friendly environment you built, will allow you to overcome them. And, enjoy it!