The YPN is a meeting place where the next generation members of the CTBT National Data Centres and the Provisional Technical Secretariat can meet, discuss and establish relationships to strengthen collaborations within the CTBTO.  

The YPN aims at enabling the next generation to take on formal positions at the National Data Centres, the Provisional Technical Secretariat, and the various tasks related to Working Group B through exchange of knowledge within the network, including transfer of knowledge from senior stakeholders.

The YPN has the ambition to serve as a meeting place for free-thinking where new solutions from a new generation can emerge.

The CTBTO Young Professionals web site can be found here. A YPN flyer is also available.

Young Professionals at work

Why was the Young Professionals Network initiated?

The Young Professionals Network was introduced by Norway in 2018 with the support of the Executive Secretary and the Provisional Technical Secretariat. The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty has been a centrepiece of the global non-proliferation regime for more than 20 years. To ensure that there will be a new generation of experts and leaders to take the work of the CTBTO forward, recruitment of highly skilled and motivated younger scientists and technical experts is essential.

Focusing on the young will enable the next generation to be better prepared to take on formal positions within the CTBT sphere; both in the National Data Centres, the PTS and in the various tasks in Working Group B. 

How can I join?

To join YPN, send an email to

The network is open for staff having a formal, long term employee relationship with either an NDC or the PTS. They will need to have a scientific or technical background and scope of work as well as being young. Young in this context is below the age of 40 years.

The network meets both virtually and at CTBTO related events and meetings where they get to know their peers from around the world. Network members develop joint projects, share knowledge and receive guidance from senior experts.

Why should I join?

If you are a young scientist or technical expert, you should join to;

  • Become a better technical expert
  • Get linked in with the world’s leading experts in your area of work and research
  • Get inspired and have fun with science and technologies, make new friends from all over the world
  • Get on a fast(er) track for becoming a specialist in monitoring and verification technologies
  • Get access to ideas, research, and experts through exchanges with your peers and mentors and
  • learn about career opportunities
  • Get input and inspiration for your day-job at your National Data Centre

If you are a mentor or a manager at a National Data Centre;

  • Through the Young Professionals Network your younger staff members will be more knowledgeable and inspired
  • They will have the opportunity to develop faster scientifically and professionally through access to ideas, research, and experts
  • They will bring back the latest scientific developments and help your NDC stay on top of your game
  • They will learn about project and funding opportunities
  • They will ensure continued high-level deliverables from your NDC in the years to come

Encourage your colleagues to participate in the network – it will benefit all!


The YPN meets both virtually and at CTBTO related events and meetings.

Contact us

If you would like more information; please send an email to: