Today NORSAR is a world leading provider of seismic modelling software to enhance the value of seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation allowing better subsurface imaging. NORSAR’s software are used for seismic survey evaluation and planning, seismic reservoir characterization studies and a wide range of feasibility studies related to seismic modelling: Illumination and resolution modelling, PSDM simulation processing, amplitude analysis and synthetics generation. It excels through its sophisticated model builder and ray tracing technology to reduce the risk of evaluations of complex geometries and seismic responses.

NORSAR Software Suite

NORSAR is the world’s leading competence centre for Microseismic evaluations and software solutions with experience from monitoring the seismic effects of injection, fracking, subsidence and CO2 storage. Microseismic monitoring reduces risk of operations as well as assisting in activities to increase recovery of reserves in a safe and prudent way. Microseismic modelling can be used to plan and evaluate microseismic network design.

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