AFTAC, also known as the US Air Force Technical Applications Center, has a distinguished legacy in technological advancements. Their long-standing collaboration with NORSAR centers around data exchange and the joint pursuit of improving methodologies for the detection of nuclear tests. 

group photo with aftac

From the top left corner: Elin Marie Hellum, Ben Dando, Jon Magnus Christensen, Brian Pope, Tormod Kværna, Volker Oye, Mitchell Solomon, Bill Junek, Anne Strømmen Lycke, Robert (Mac) McLaughlin. 

The focal point of this week was the regular follow-up meeting, known as the "Joint Scientific Commissions Meeting," held annually. This year's meeting took place in our facilities at Kjeller, where representatives from NORSAR and AFTAC engaged in productive discussions covering various aspects of detection technologies, with a particular emphasis on seismology. The agenda also featured scientific presentations and a demo of our state-of-the-art NOR-FROST fiber facility

On the first day of the meetings, a representative from the Norwegian Foreign Ministry joined NORSAR and AFTAC, emphasizing the partnership's significance beyond scientific collaboration. 

aftac presentations day one

We are excited to continue and further enhance this crucial and inspiring collaboration over the next years to come!