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NORSAR Management
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Anne Strømmen LyckeCEOJPGJPG
Arve E. MjelvaDeputy CEO
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North Korea nuclear explosions, updated Sep 12th 2017

North Korea nuclear explosionsNorth Korea nuclear explosions

North Korea test site, updated Sep 3rd 2017

North Korea test site

Pictures from some of NORSAR's field installations

Seismic station in Karasjok (ARC)

SRCES seismic station

Åknes field installation (AKN)

AKN Åknes fjord view AKN Åknes fjord view

Infrasound station in Målselv (IS37)

IS37 infrasound IS37 infrasound station

Seismic station at Spitsbergen (SPI)

SPI seismic station

Seismic station at Jettan, Kåfjord (JETT)

JETT Seismic station