After exploring integration opportunities across their respective offerings, customers validated the value of streamlining workflows across both popular software packages. This collaboration led to the creation of an easy-to-use interface to transfer ION’s industry-leading MESA survey designs into NORSAR’s world-class seismic modeling software.

The new workflow will save users significant amounts of time and increase confidence that the survey is properly designed to image a given prospect. In addition, the iterative nature of the new interface will aid decision-making by encouraging more testing and refining of design parameters. The interface is available in latest versions of MESA and NORSAR-3D.

“When we started evaluating the possibilities, the value of integrating these two industry-leading platforms was obvious to us and our clients,” commented Chris Usher, EVP & Chief Operating Officer of ION's Operations Optimization group. “The easy-to-use interface benefits our customers without the cost or delay of building out these additional capabilities ourselves.”

“We are excited about the integration, which provides access to a comprehensive acquisition design and modeling platform,” said Arve E. Mjelva, Deputy Managing Director and SVP, Seismic Modeling in NORSAR. “The seamless integration of the two products bridges the gap between design and modeling, reducing turnaround time and costs for projects.”

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