NORSAR Software Suite 2017.2 features a NORSAR-3D version with many fixes and improvements and upgraded SeisRoX and MDesign versions which are available for both Windows and Linux.

Model Builder


NORSAR Software Suite - Bugfixes

SEGY Property import, SEGY Seismic import

  • Added option to specify a valid data range for property values also for (velocities and density) (New)
  • Importing large cubes (typically 2GB+) sometimes led to write failure when storing the NSS cube, especially on windows. Now more robust writing.
  • On importing non-standard property types, the property type name was blanked out. Fixed now

VSP Survey generator

Fixed limitation in line length for shot grid surveys

Workflows – general

  • Fixes on archiving
  • Recovering workflows using the tracer would eventually lead to only one tracer job being run

Model Builder

  • Remove value-range in property functions: Now the values in the range are replaced by no-values, not a default, valid constant value.
  • Property functions and interfaces can now be stored and removed .
  • Clipping of interfaces by polygons is improved.
  • Block relations for multi-z-valued interfaces are shown and can be set. “+” and “-“ replaces “Above” and “Below” for this type of interfaces.
  • To support the “+” and “-“ specifications, the hot cursor information includes plot of the positive interface unit normal.
  • Fixed to make attenuation and Thomsen property functions by interpolation.
  • Fixed to load model with non-VTI anisotropy axis of symmetry.
  • Removed some unnecessary warnings when a model is checked for validity.
  • Minor fixes of user interface details.

NORSAR-3D - Bugfixes

Kirchhoff Target Migration workflow

  • Unit conversion when specifying aperture settings in a project not defined in km units fixed
  • Error on interpreting receiver depths from pre-stack SEGY header fixed
  • Error with blank results when running a workflow for which two distinct Greens Functions are generated fixed
  • Workflow names with lengths greater than approx. 70 characters always failed. Now this limit is significantly higher
  • Sometimes when rerunning after a change in parameters, workflow stalled. Now fixed
  • More robust failure handling on Greens Function reading. Files were not closed

Kirchhoff Prestack workflow

  • Workflow names with lengths greater than approx. 70 characters always failed. Now this limit is significantly higher
  • Artifact in seismic results due to lookup table aliasing. Removed lookup table when not specified
  • Inconsistent units in workflow setup
  • Remove shot similarity in Greens Function Generation
  • Fix bug that changes in advanced tracing parameters was not taking effect
  • More robust failure handling on Greens Function reading. Files were not closed
  • When finding geometric bounds of a target model, now only selected horizons affect the results


  • Range check in grconf2.f, as suggested by PGS

Ray path generator (Classic tools)

  • Ported to handle new event sets

Tracer workflows

  • Added option to plot wavefronts as wireframes
  • Added dialog based retracing, where receiver topology, and TravelTime, Offset, Aperture, Amplitude filters can be set
  • Stored wavefronts were plotted at the wrong time step if tracing time step was not 0.1s
  • Recover did not work after batch tracing canceled. Always restarted. Enabled recover

Seismogram generator

  • Incomplete result tree, and crash when checking the “Results” box

SeisRoX - Updates and bugfixes

SeisRoX 2017.1

Picture shows a Local PSDM simulation result from a time lapse reservoir simulation together with one of the horizons in the reservoir model.

The blue-to-red color scale is the calculated two-way-time difference [s] between two time steps of the reservoir simulation. The two-way-time difference is caused by changes in the elastic properties of the reservoir during production.

  • Added functionality
    • Calculate two-way-time attribute cubes based on VP in the Local-target PSDM simulation workflow

    • Difference in two-way-time between base-, and monitor-, time steps can be calculated and plotted 

    • Export “Difference cubes” as SEGY based on base, and monitor, two-way-time attribute cubes

  • Fixed crash when plotting an empty property
  • Fixed crash when deactivating "no clipping" in viewer

MDesign - Updates


  • Added functionality
    • Sensors can be set enabled/disabled directly in the workflow setup
    • Unit can be changed for Location Uncertainty results
    • Sensor files can be used in the NORSAR-3D Traveltime Cube Generator workflow